Industrial zones are commonly known as areas full of pollution, dirty air, smoke, lots of dirt in the gutters and gross. But not for the industrial estate like PT KIG in Gresik. The environment is clean, comfortable and beautiful. Moreover, the existing lake in this area is well maintained. So it's more convenient.

Iyoes Machfoed, http://www.enerlife.id

I am Yusuf from Sidoarjo. Although I am not a customer of PT KIG, but since the first pass through this area I get a good impression in my mind. Like not an industrial area, but like a tourist area. Looked clean road, shady trees and a lake that can eliminate fatigue.


I hope PT KIG still maintains this achievement, and even needs to improve. And I hope Tuban Industrial Estate (KIT) should get more better, because there is close to the beach and on the main roadside (Surabaya-Jakarta route). So it can be a comfortable resting place.

Mochamad Yusuf, http://www.myusuf.or.id